We are striving to provide a safe place for fun, activities and felowship for our veteran community.

Veterans Healing Camp is new nonprofit located in the heart of Silver Springs that is dedicated to helping our local veterans make a successful transition from military to civilian life. The mission is to provide a safe place for fun, activities, and fellowship for our veteran community. The goal is to help educate veterans to overcome fear and anxiety to live a healthy and productive life.

Veterans Healing Camp is currently

looking for volunteers and Board of Directors members

who are willing to roll up their sleeves and work to help our veterans.

Please contact Shahla Fadaie at 775-781-2394 for more information.

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      First of all on behalf of Shahla Fadaie her family and myself I would like to welcome each and every one of you to the “Veterans Healing Camp”. As you probably already know we are still in the inception stages in getting this wonderful project off the ground. We have collected a lot of names and emails along the way as with a bunch of enthusiasm and support in this new organization. As one might guess, there are a lot of components to get this wheel to turn. That being said, until we fill all of those seats, I have volunteered to post as many emails as I can to keep everyone in the loop as to what is going on, progress that we’re making and any events, etc.,  that will be taking place. 

    Good news is, our list of all of those who would like to participate in one capacity or another is growing daily! We need as many folks as we can to get the facility ready and in tip top shape for the Grand Opening. Depending on how ready we are and how much we can get done, we are looking at September to be the month to host the Grand Opening. I will follow up with more details as we get a little closer to the event month.

    Going forward all scheduled meetings will be held at this location unless otherwise noted;  Veterans Healing Camp – 1775 East US Highway 50, Silver Springs, 89429. Next Sunday, July17th is picture day! There is going to be some reporters who are going to hear our story and why we’re doing this and why it’s so important to us and our surrounding communities. The story and pictures will be published in the newspaper.

    The facility will be open to all who would like to attend one of our meetings, every Sunday at 1pm. We are always open to new ideas, suggestions and new faces…so if you’re out and about on a Sunday, please be neighborly and stop on by.

    In closing…I want to personally say,  “THANK YOU!”  to all of you who are willing to step up, lend a hand and donate your time to support this very much needed organization.  I am truly humbled to walk amongst many giving, wonderful people. Thank you for taking the timeout of your busy day to read this email and I hope to see and meet all of you real soon.Veterans Healing Camp is located on beautiful two acre property in the heart of Silver Springs at 1775 East US Highway 50. There is an office, recreation room, air conditioning, WIFI, plus a huge fenced garden area to for a community garden, fire pit and camping!!

    Please visit our Contact page to get in touch, we would love to hear from you!



    .1775 East US Highway 50, P.O. Box 836, Silver Springs, NV 89429
    501(c) 3:  81-1275318

                       Mission Statement

    "Help to educate veterans to overcome fear and anxiety to live a healthy and productive life"